Everything easy with BIMQ – the professional BIM platform

What are you doing as an employer, architect or construction engineer, operator or facility manager to plan, build and operate your building more efficiently in the future? The BIMQ platform has been repeatedly tested and proven for just this purpose. Using a common web interface, all BIM project partners can have access to and work on the relevant data of your common project. This saves considerable time, money and nerves!

We help you with:

  • Tailor-made guidelines for the Employer´s Information Requirements, which can be adapted individually if you wish.
  • LOD definitions (Levels of Detail), which you receive for your software or in the neutral IFC exchange format together with rules for automatic checking.
  • Detailed test rules that support the “As-Built“ model and consequently the handover to building operation.
Everything easy with BIMQ – the professional BIM platform 1

Attention all employers: just one mouse click to your contract annex

Reliable invitations for tender, professional controlling and binding acceptance for your projects – that is child play for you as an employer today with the BIM platform BIMQ. This is thanks to detailed templates of your individual Employer´s Information Requirements (EIRs) and the option to define parameters such as delivery quality, levels of detail (LODs), classifications, document formats and review and acceptance rules for your BIM models.  With our platform, you efficiently create guidelines for your organisation and, based on these guidelines, the Employer´s Information Requirements for your specific project. Moreover, BIMQ enables you to export the data straight into your contract annex – which also speaks for BIMQ and our expert know-how. Because we know: nothing in our field is as important as the integrity of data quality – both for budgets and for managing deadlines. And: you are always free to define your own BIM goals. A

The big plus for architects: best data quality for even better models 

For architects, professional planners and construction companies, BIMQ predominantly means one thing: the right interpretation and answers to all questions. Our templates and planning tools have been repeatedly tested and proven. From the very beginning, the platform helps you to create and continually adjust your execution plan. And, of course, it is possible for you to easily export all the Employer´s Information into your planning software, including the option of developing correct BIM models thanks to the automatically set attributes. This makes it easier for you to submit the best possible model punctually. And yet another strong plus point of the BIMQ platform is that you as an expert can also derive the IFC export settings and test rules for the quality check. Because the best basis for success is, of course, optimised quality management during the planning and construction phases.

Assurance for operators: access to data from project kick-off

To know at the beginning already what the result will be like. To define in advance the Information Requirements and supervise the whole process – that is relevant for you as an operator. BIMQ also provides operators with powerful functions, not only to have immediate answers to all questions regarding the progress of the project, but also to be able to incorporate wishes. A smooth project handover largely depends on having all operation-relevant data that you can integrate into you CAFM whenever you wish using BIMQ. Our derived BIMQ test rules also enable you to execute a quick data check at any time during the project. With this function, we combine best data quality with the highest level of user friendliness.

BIMQ – there´s much more to it than just a platform

To sum up, BIMQ with its combination of functionalities, its intuitive user interface and powerful server technology, answers every question that helps all stakeholders to manage their projects – from drawing up reliable contracts to timely construction to handover for safe operation. Our secure, high-performance BIMQ platform streamlines your processes and facilitates collaborative project management and is therefore your foundation for more transparency and efficiency. From the beginning.