Know-how transfer made easy – BIMQ Webinars

If you are looking for PowerPoint-supported training courses, we are not – to be honest – the right people for you! But if you as an owner, architect, design planner, infrastructure planner or operator want to learn how to work reliably with BIMQ, we are the best address. And that is also true for managers, coordinators and champions for whom BIM is becoming the central building block of success.

Our webinars teach you everything you need to know for working with the database-based power tool BIMQ. This begins with creating BIM guidelines, then moves on to the PDF export of all documents for EIR and BEP and includes topics like the export of compatible data for the most important BIM software products. With an optimised mix of theory and practical know-how, you should know that our webinars are anything but boring. Our motto: practical expertise put in practice. As soon as you notice that the implementation of your projects is way less stressful with BIMQ, you will know that we have not been exaggerating.

Know-how transfer made easy – BIMQ Webinars 1

We do not have scheduled webinars in English currently. Please check out our previous webinars or contact us for an individual appointment.

Check out our previous webinars

Webinar “Informations Management with BIMQ” presented by our BIM-Consultant M.Sc. Burcu Esen Barutcu.

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Get a BIMQ introduction to get an overview of how to deploy BIMQ in your own company. Contact us for the appointment and further details. We are looking forward to your questions and feedback.