BIM4INFRA 2020 – implementation of the “Roadmap for Digital Planning and Construction”

Digital construction – that´s the future. At the end of 2016 already, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure gave the working group “BIM4INFRA 2020“ the task of creating important prerequisites for implementing the BIM roadmap over a period of two years. As ARGE partners, we from AEC3 now provide support in particular with consultancy services for project sponsors and for pilot projects. We are also responsible for providing BIM guidelines and handouts. As BIM experts, we know that especially one thing is crucial for the success of BIM4INFRA 2020: setting up procurement competence with the project owners of infrastructure construction measures. Our core competencies include creating guidelines and handouts for calls for tender, controlling, checking processes and similarly for acceptance processes for BIM deliverables. We also bring in our know-how when necessary to create and provide BIM specifications including Employer´s Information Requirements (EIRs), templates for BIM project execution plans (BEPs), samples for tender documents along with sample contracts and contract modules.