BIM Management: this is our forte

To ensure you are successful quickly when using BIM despite you having a full calendar, we from AEC3 are here to support and advise you. Because: as developers of the BIMQ platform, BIM is virtually our DNA. If you need support in your construction projects with setting up and executing this method and the tools, AEC3 is the right address for you. As BIM managers, we support your processes and check the trades involved. We are experts in BIM implementation: we intensively inspect different discipline-based models for architecture, building services and structural engineering, we check for quality and this speaks for us just like the critical questioning of your processes: Do you know all the planning and construction processes in detail? Do you know exactly which coordination processes are the most efficient? Do you know how BIM can be optimally used as a method in your project and which goals can be achieved? Our answers help you realise the full potential of Building Information Modelling for your project.

We can also do a lot for you regarding the quality control of your building models through all work phases: to make sure you are always on the safe side, we check your information for completeness using the BIM guidelines and thus ensure best initial data for follow-up processes. And because we take our work more than seriously, we also check in the case of openBIM projects whether all data was sent in the neutral IFC submission format. As a result, we thus implement qualitative and quantitative successful projects. That speaks for you – and consequently also for us.