BIM and software development – a good investment in the future

As a software producer, you have a completely different view on the topic Building Information Modelling to, for example, construction companies or architects. You think in interfaces, source codes and specifications. If you are unsure when choosing suitable tools because of a lack of information about BIM, we are happy to support you. And in this case, it is irrelevant whether you have specific software plans or you would generally like to become familiar with the many options BIM offers. In the best case, we design a roadmap for your BIM project together that opens up new ways and opportunities for you. This begins with classical feasibility studies for a possible new software development, includes prototype development and in the best case ends with a certified innovative new software product – your software product. Our big plus: involvement in and leadership of IFC development and IFC certification. Since the year 1999, we from AEC3 have been actively promoting IFC development. In the meantime, we are proud to have launched the fourth generation.

Basis for our success in BIM consulting is the continuous development of and research on the BIM approach, its related specifications and solutions. As dedicated BIM experts, we are regularly involved in improving all aspects of the planning process of buildings and structures – with all our passion, commitment and energy.