Unusually easy: complex BIM solutions from AEC3

We as experts of BIM in the building industry know: the most important thing for the success of a building project is valid data. In German referred to as “building structure data modelling“, you as a planner, architect or operator are surely more familiar with the term BIM – or Building Information Modelling. Using BIM opens up a large array of options thanks to efficient and model-based processes to plan, construct and finally operate building and infrastructure projects collaboratively. Your advantages are not just noticeable at the end of the project, but are already clear from the first project step: your project risks drop, your time schedules become clearer and easier to manage and your budget is saved.

The basic idea behind BIM in the building industry: to systematically capture, combine and connect alphanumerical and graphical data throughout the whole lifecycle of a structure. In order to open up maximum potential for you and your trade by using BIM, we encourage and support open standards and are committed to developing and using openBIM.

It is not important whether you are an owner, architect, engineer, technical planner, executor or operator: to be able to have optimal use of all the advantages of BIM, you should have rudimentary basic knowledge of the method. Because if you ask the right questions and can exactly define the requirements, BIM is the method to be able to design future-oriented strategies, to collaborate best with your partners and to stand out from your competitors.