Set standards with BIM – compliance of building products

BIM conformity? You as a building products manufacturer have surely been confronted with this question. Or with questions such as: Why is it difficult from a manufacturer’s perspective for a simple installation component to provide BIM data? Or: Which form of BIM objects/content is best suited for your respective product group? As established BIM experts, we are happy to share our know-how with you. Because as a building product manufacturer you will be confronted with this new standard more and more often. If you want to master your business in the future in a professional and efficient manner and benefit from today´s technological progress, AEC3 is a good choice. As experts for Building Information Modelling no question you ask us remains unanswered. In return, this means for you the right answers within a minimum of time to questions such as:

  • Which type of BIM objects/contents are most suitable for my product group?
  • Which formats, contents and levels of detail can I use for BIM objects?
    • What are the main considerations for digital building products?
    • What do I need as a building product manufacturer to be able to use BIM?