Press release in April 2018: Architecture Journal

Navigate safely through planning with ARCHICAD and BIMQ

BIMQ supports the workflow with ARCHICAD

ARCHICAD as a model-based planning software integrates BIMQ specifically into the workflow of a BIM planning. Behind BIMQ is a web-based database that is especially interesting for architects, but also for builders and planners. Amongst other things, it gives you the chance to fixate the preceding EIR (employer information requirements) of a BIM project securely in the contract and planning thus tying it into the project. It is also the basis for all the following planning steps and the main theme of the entire project. The more accurate it is, the more transparent, safer, and more effective the entire BIM process is. In addition, BIMQ is also an ideal solution for the cooperation of all stakeholders, even if EIR is not required by the employer: the planning becomes safe and binding; the architect becomes a qualified coordinator in an integrated planning.

Basic guidelines as a foundation for the BIM project

The access to BIMQ is very easy: the user loads the website and logs in to his account. Then, he has the option to choose between different basic guidelines that have been developed and verified by AEC3 and are based on successfully implemented projects. The user can now add these guidelines according to his personal requirements, adapt them and take them as a basis for the development of the EIR with the client. When they agree the BIM project execution plan (BEP) can be established from it. So, who delivers which information when and with what information content in the planning and construction process?