BIMQ in video: Autodesk model “Golden Nugget”

AIA reqirements can be conveniently implemented in Audotdesk Revit

Conveniently implement AIA requirements in Autoesk Revit BIMQ and the AIA Editor as a sample video with the Revit model “Golden Nugget”

Make projects contract-safe, secure planning and safe for use. Secure your information management with the BIMQ web server solution. From the client information requirements and BAP requirements, create your Revit software templates: shared parameters and IFC mapping files. And the special feature: the export for a secure quality management of test rules in model checkers.

BIMQ’s complete workflow through Autodesk Revit, the AIA editor, and the attribute check in Solibri.

BIMQ & Autodesk Golden Nugget

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